hand_indigo_dark1 Release. Recalibrate. Renew.

By combining channeled energy healings, channeled messages, hands-on healing, and take-home protocols, Claire provides an advanced energy healing experience that ignites and supports your own innate ability to heal.  Providing the body, mind, soul, and spirit with  healthy frequencies through various types of energy work gives clear messages of  release, recalibrate, renew.   S

Claire has studied several powerful modalities through world class teachers (Dr. Doreen Virtue, Dr. Eric Pearl, Deborah Craydon, Usui Reiki Masters) and worked in many types of settings including a drug and alcohol treatment clinic, her own private practice for both humans and animals, and providing energy work in a volunteer capacity to patients in treatment for cancer.  Through these experiences a unique and advanced form of healing (more accurately Claire’s being a vessel for that healing) has evolved.  Claire works with her Guides and Guardians to deliver channeled healing, codes, recallibrations, and messages to empower change from within.  The Archangels and Jesus as Master Healer over-light all she does, ensuring every interaction is based in the Love of The Divine.


Channeled Healing and Guidance from Claire’s Devoted Guides and Guardians: Through allowing her Master Counsel to partner with her as a healing vessel, Claire provides messages and healing codes that help humans transition through this incredible time of energetic shifting to more advanced frequencies. This is where healing and living from the heart starts and grows.  Her guides are currently working specifically on easing the physical and emotional transition of raising our energetic footprints to meet the demands of the earth’s energetic evolution.

(Pay now and I will contact you to set up the day/time for a session at my treatment room (Bend, Oregon)

(Pay now and I will contact you to set up the day/time for a distance session (USA only at this time)

Because Claire splits her schedule between energy healing and energy art, it is best to set a time via email, text, or phone.

Other Healing Modalities That Are Used in Sessions:

  • Flora Corona healing flower essence, gem essence, and color essence bottles.  Flora Corona uses flower, gem, and color essences (the healing essence in an elixir of the flower, gem, or color), either placed on acu-points, misted around the body, or taken internally.
  • Per Dr. Eric Pearl, Reconnective Healing provides a comprehensive healing frequency that allows your body to acknowledge and release old, negative, and unwanted vibrations.  Reconnective Healing helps us return to an optimal state of balance through interacting with a full spectrum of frequencies that consist of energy, light and information.
  • Reiki is a way to help the body engage in a state of deep relaxation.  This state allows the body time to begin the healing process. 
  • Angel Guidance, per Dr. Doreen Virtue, is a non-denominational spiritual healing method that involves working with a person’s guardian angels and archangels, to heal and harmonize every aspect of life. Angel Therapy also helps you to more clearly receive Divine Guidance from the Creator and angels.

Angel Tree Topper Green and CopperEnergy Art to Connect You to Your Guides & Guardians

Guardian Angels, Spirit Animals, Magical Beings, Channeled Personal Messages – 
All handmade with added healing of Herkimer diamonds, sacred geometry and flower essences


Whether it is your guardian angel, spirit animal, or magical being, each artistic representation is made to help you connect more deeply and spiritually with your sacred guide or guardian and to bring energetic healing into your sacred space.

Every soft sculpture in made with reverence to and fascination for the connection to each spiritual footprint – the unique frequency of the spirit being artistically represented.



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– I am a certified Flora Corona Practitioner through Deborah Craydon at Flora Corona.
– I am a certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner through Dr. Eric Pearl.
– I am a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner through Doreen Virtue, PHD.
– I am a certified Usui Reiki Master with training through two Reiki Masters.
– I volunteer weekly at the St. Charles Cancer Center Integrative Therapies Center as a     Reiki Practitioner, as well as train new Reiki volunteers.
– I volunteered with The Northwest Reiki Association to provide Reiki in Cancer Centers in Portland Oregon.
– I was a Staff Reiki Practitioner at a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center.
– I am a registered LLC business in Oregon, I keep current on all insurance, and have certifications for hands-on work.