Angel Tree Topper Green and CopperDivinely & Magically Inspired Energy Art to Connect You to Your Guides & Guardians

Guardian Angels, Spirit Animals, Magical Beings, Channeled Personal Messages – Guardian Angel ArtAll handmade with added healing of Herkimer diamonds, sacred geometry and flower essences

Whether it is your guardian angel, spirit animal, or magical being, each artistic representation is made to help you connect more deeply and spiritually with your sacred guide or guardian and to bring energetic healing into your sacred space.

Every soft sculpture in made with reverence to and fascination for the connection to each spiritual footprint – the vibrational resonance of the spirit being artistically represented.

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Wolf Spirit Animal     CLICK HERE FOR STOREneedle felted mermaids


  Vibrational Resonance Healing

Certified Flora Corona™, Reconnective Healing™ and Angel Therapy Practitioner™ for humans and animals.  S

Healing sessions through Sacred Balance LLC consist of combining Flora Corona, Angel Guidance, and Reconnective Healing to create a customized healing session that best suits your needs.

  • Flora Corona uses flower, gem, and color essences (the healing essence in an elixir of the flower, gem, or color), either placed on acu-points, misted around the body, or taken internally.  ​These essences provide both specific and universal messages, triggering the release of lower vibrations, such as old stored thoughts and feelings.  Replacing them with higher, more pure and lasting vibrations helps us to raise our own vibrations.  This is where healing and living from the heart starts and grows.
  • Reconnective Healing provides a comprehensive healing frequency that allows your body to acknowledge and release old, negative, and unwanted vibrations.  ​Reconnective Healing helps us return to an optimal state of balance through interacting with a full spectrum of frequencies that consist of energy, light and information.  By connecting with and being open to these comprehensive vibrations, we allow healings that are often instantaneous and tend to be life long.
  • Angels are messengers of God, and they are our #1 fans, wanting us to be happy, healthy, and spiritual.  They are eager to help in any way they can.  Our angels are constantly talking to us and giving us guidance.  We simply need to open up and accept their help.  As stated by Doreen Virtue, “Everyone has guardian angels, and these angels perform Gods will of peace for us all. When we open ourselves to hear our angels messages, every aspect of our lives become more peaceful.”  These Healing Angels work closely with us during your sessions for messages of guidance, love, support and healing.
Flora Corona flower essence, gem essence, and color essence bottles

Flora Corona flower essence, gem essence, and color essence bottles


– I am a certified Flora Corona Practitioner through Deborah Craydon at Flora Corona.  This is my primary modality.
– I am a certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner through Dr. Eric Pearl.
– I am a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner through Doreen Virtue, PHD.
– I am a certified Usui Reiki Master with training through two Reiki Masters.  Reiki is a Japanese hands on energy work technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also supports physical and emotional healing. The rough translation of Reiki (Rei – Ki) is  spiritually guided life force energy.  Reiki is a healing art.