Try Energy Work with Your Pet

Animals love energy!

Animals love energy. They respond well to it, as they are open to the true healing it brings. Animals have an innate understanding of what helps vs. harms them, and they live on a vibrational level that is more sensitive than our own. Even though they will get the most benefit from a trained, attuned energy worker, try sending them some of your own! Intention and awareness is all you need.

To learn more about energy work (Reiki as an example) for animals, click HERE. As a summary, we are all made up of energy, and when that energy is in balance, we are healthy, active and resilient. When that energy is out of balance, we become sluggish, and can become sick. Taking time to clear the static energy from our systems help it to remain bright and well functioning. Sending healing energy to your companion can help break up the ‘stuck” parts and help it to flow throughout their body.

As an added benefit, you are helping your own energy whenever you do this!

Steps to try energy work

Once you realize that you have this connection with your animals, you will have a deeper, more authentic relationship with them. If you try this and it does not seem to work, don’t give up. Keep trying and it will come. Your intention is the most important part of this!

1. Get your self in a comfortable position

2. If you meditate, do your routine

3. If you don’t have a routine, try this:

  • Sit quietly, and just focus on your breathing.
  • Think of breathing from your belly, not just your chest.
  • Think of your breathe going in and out of you as white light.
  • If thoughts come into your head, gently acknowledge them and let them go.
  • When you feel a sense of peace and relaxation, open your eyes.

4. In a calm manner, sit down near your pet, walk into their stable/field/etc. Just hold out your hands and let them smell you. Don’t push the contact, they will tune into your calm state and be curious why you are paying so much attention to them :).

5. Envision energy going from you to them. It can look like a white beam of light going from your hands, or even your Solar Plexus (your belly). It may be a color, or it may look like a chord. Go with whatever pops into your head.

6. Focus on that image- think of it sending healing, pulsing energy from you to your pet. Think of this energy as pushing out the static parts and filling that space with health and vibrancy.

7. Notice what your pet does- if they become more relazed, simply keep doing what you are doing.

8. If they seem irritated or move away, try a different color, image, or step back a little.

9. Since animals are so sensitive, if they seem uncomfortable, if you are touching your animal, try holding your hands a little away from them. Back away until you notice that they are not uncomfortable anymore (for example, their ears go from being back, to flat, to forward or neutral).

10. Just enjoy it! Spending this time with your pet can greatly improve your relationship.

11. If you feel a shift in the energy, or the animal gets up or walks away, they are done. This is good, don’t feel that they are rejecting you. It means they have taken in all the enrgy they need at that time.

12. Some animals will walk or pace around, which is fine. Moving helps them process what is happening,

13. Thank your animal and yourself!


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