“Spiritual Directors” – guides across religions, communities, and continents

This is a great resource that I found from my mother.  A magazine or journal that explores all areas of being a spiritual director.  Spiritual direction, or Spiritual Guidance, is a relationship between two people, or in some cases small groups, to help the person seeking guidance on their own spiritual journey and life path.  I would imagine that all parties involved learn something each time.  This is normally associated with some form of “organized” religion or spirituality, but the key concept is that one is being helped to find their relationship and growth with God/Spirit/etc.

If this feels like a calling for you, this is a great place to start:

“Presence: An International Journal of Spiritual Direction”

From their website:

“The mystery of God wells up in every age and brings people together. People then bring themselves together in cooperation with God’s action. We see ourselves as a global, learning community, responding to the holy around the world and across traditions.

The goal and purpose of Spiritual Directors International is to provide a network for spiritual directors and those seeking spiritual direction regardless of organizational boundaries. The network stretches across the globe and welcomes people from all communities.

Presence is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes thought-provoking articles addressing topics of interest to spiritual directors. The goal of Presence is to identify current trends in the field, to provide background and resources for spiritual directors as well as others interested in the ministry of spiritual direction, and to look ahead at what might be developing in the future. Presence has been in publication since 1995.The journal features provocative articles written by spiritual directors all over the world.”

They have links to describe what Spiritual Direction os from the point o view of:


Some recent titles that caught my eye:

Animals, Spiritual Direction, and Prayer
Mindy Tatz Chernoff

The Hopeful Imagination: A Place God Comes to Meet Us
Mary Rose Bumpus, RSM

Cross-Cultural Spiritual Direction: Dancing with a Stranger
Jung Eun Sophia Park

Dancing Our Prayers to the Cosmos
Tannis Hugill

The Spiritual Direction of Adult Children of Alcoholics
Richard Edmund
Pigott, CFC


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