The Body is Never Wrong

“The Body is Never Wrong” – this is the theme for the week that most stands out for me for with Flora Corona.  There are just over 20 of us fumbling around with trying to intellectually learn versus letting our bodies talk to us and tell us what to do.  As humans, we tend to be in our heads and want the answers now, and to understand it immediately.

Flower Essences are about feeling, inquiring, listening to our bodies and spirits to guide us to health.  As Deborah pointed out to us, when you listen to, observe, and ask questions of the process, your body tells you the answers, and in following it, it is all quite logical. 

It is the learning to trust ourselves, our sacred selves, as well as our natural and learned abilities as healers that is the balance to find.  So I encourage all of you to liten to your body – what is it telling you?  If you are tired one day, try taking a nap, if you feel extra energy, go out into nature.  If you have tightness in your shoulders, ask if you are carrying a lot of weight right now – physically, emotionally, or spiritually.  Start to listen – you know the answers.


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