Recommendations for Febraury


BookHands of Life: Use Your Body’s Own Energy Medicine for Healing, Recovery, and Transformation – by Julie Motz
Excerpt: A revolutionary book by a pioneering healer, Hands of Life takes energy medicine where it has rarely gone before–into the operating room–as Julie Motz reveals the true healing power of the body and puts it in the reader’s very own hands.

As one of the first nontraditional healers allowed to work in an operating room, Julie Motz harnesses the body’s own energy to help patients survive risky operations, such as heart transplants and cancer surgery. Now she shares remarkable case studies of healing, recovery, and transformation–and gives readers step-by-step guidance on accessing one’s own innate healing energy.

MagazineSpirituality & Health – I have recommended this before.  You can get the paper magazine or get it online, it has something for everyone.


CD or MP3Binaural Beats Meditation for Mental & Spiritual Focus – by Zen Music – Some binaural beats music can be grating on the ears, but this one is great.  it helps you either meditate or sleep, and each one is 15 minutes, a nice amount of time to meditate.


About Time – I loved this movie.  It was sweet, funny, sad, and poignant, all acting was great. It is different enough to be unique yet all the characters are easy to relate to.