Why I Create Fiber Art Guardian Angels

It became clear to me this Christmas Season that people have very different views of angels, whether from their religious belief, spiritual belief, personal experience, or artistic renderings.  I listened to a talk from an “Angel Expert” on the radio, I listened to how many times angels and archangels are mentioned in the Sunday Church service, especially on Christmas Eve.  I even just downloaded a book on the “physics” of angels and looked into classes on “Angelology”.  The more I try to understand them, the more conflicting human ideas I come across.

I admit, I am more confused than ever, but I am more okay with being confused than before.  As I was talking to people in my

Art Booth at Armature

Art Booth at Armature

art booths at holiday art shows and craft fairs over this shopping season, one thing remained clear – the reason I started creating art angels in the first place.  I want people to have an understanding of what their guardian angel looks/feels/senses like; to give them a link, a connection to start their own journey.  I don’t claim that I can see physical angels or that they come to me when I call them and we have full conversations, but I do know that the artistic fiber art angels I create touch people’s hearts.  They strike a chord, they stir up a memory, they pluck at a heart string, etc.  So I know I am at least on the right track.  And yes, I believe my creations are talented and artistic and fun, I love doing them.  But are they what angels actually look like?  I have no idea.  What I do know is that they are what they need to look like to touch someone’s heart.

In fact, I did not sell that many of my angels and fairies this season.  Sales were down on Etsy and at the shows.  I was having a conversation with a successful artist here in Bend and he said “they key is to find your target audience”.  Hmmm… That is a good question.  The people who bought angels on Etsy and the people who bought them in my booths had at least one thing in common – the angel was for someone special.  When I explain that the guardian angel I am creating an artistic rendition of comes to me in color, texture, size, personality, and not a name, it becomes a whole new concept to them – this is a truly unique way to connect with that angel and bring some joy-peace-closure-comfort-smiles-giggles to someone.  They don’t think “Oh, cool artist and art.” (Well, hopefully they do at little…)

So what am I then?  An artist? An angel channeler?  I guess I am both, but primarily I am a delivery person.  I am a connector.  I connect people with angels, hopefully lighting a spark within their hearts to start their own confusing angel journey.  So for my mission of “putting a guardian angel in every person’s home”, I am off to find the best way to reach my target audience.  Wish me luck, no wish me clear guidance from my guardian angels, I am sure they are exhausted from telling me and me simply not hearing them :).

Angel Blessings to you all,