Why are all movies set in the future so dire???

I was listening to an interview with a very famous futuristic author on NPR (forgive me for not knowing who, please tell me if you know who I am talking about), and he said something that has really got me thinking.  He said that from 1999 and back for many years, we all talked about “In the 21st century, things will…fill in the blank…”  We talked about great things happening, technological advances, medical advances, new life in the universe found, etc.  It was said with a sense of wonder at all things being possible.  Sure there were the extremists from all areas talking about doom and gloom, but most of us had a general positive association with the phrase “In the 21st Century…”  Movies, books, famous speeches – all seemed to have a positive outlook for the future of people and the planet.

Look at movies and books set in the future now.  It does not even have to be “The 22nd Century”, which we rarely hear anyways, just out in the future.  The earth is dying, humans rights have been taken away, God’s beautiful animals become evil, aliens are invading; and they are no happy little E.T., they want domination over us at all costs, or we kill them.  Lots of plots where we are pre-determined at a young age to join a “faction” or “skill set” or “caste” and the child, teen, or adult has no say or ability to change it.  You never see anything about religion, Christian or otherwise, playing a large role either.  What futuristic movie or book has the Vatican or Pope as a main character or a part of the story line?  At least the “good guys” still tend to win, although I am not sure what the prize is…

I have noticed this more and more and it is really bothering me.  I went to see American Sniper the other day.  Amazing movie. Very well written, acted, I think accurate, and we really felt as though we were seeing things through his eyes. The disturbing, heart wrenching, sobbing scenes had a purpose, a message, a sense of deep respect for all involved.  What was most disturbing was the previews.  Every single movie they showed was incredibly violent. Violent without plot, without story, and showed complete disrespect for human life.  One was literally just about old men killing off each other’s family members for revenge of whatever first killing occurred.  Complete stupidity. I am so disappointed in those actors.

There seems to be a huge chasm of people who see the future as a positive, wondrous, evolving place and those that don’t. Do we really, as a society, see our future this way?  Do we believe that the system of electing and holding our leaders accountable is going to fall apart and “We The People” will be dictated to with no freedoms?

I don’t want this post to be about the future of politics or have a doomsday focus, I want to focus on this:  The people that I am talking to and working with every day have a complete opposite paradigm that we believe in and are working hard to nurture and grow.  We are an evolving species – physically, cognitively, spiritually, and energetically.  Evolving in a good way – a fantastic, wondrous, loving, exciting evolution.  Science and Spirit are finally coming together, working together, seeing connections and possibilities.  The children that are being born now are so intuitive, so open and connected to nature, God, the angels, and the needs of humans.  We are seeing animals in a new way – as more than just a rung lower on the evolutionary ladder – different from us yes, but not less than us.

I work in the field of “Alternative Healing”.  I am not overly fond of that term.  “Energy Healing” is more accurate but seems to have a stigma with it.  The scientific world is starting to take notice, however, and accept the reality that we are all energy, and energy effects energy.  Studies are being done, great progress made on understanding how it all works to heal humans, animals, even plants and the earth itself.  And all that aside, if you work, dabble, or even just believe in Energy Healing, you can feel it.  You can feel the shift that is happening – we sense more, we see more, we know more, we can effect change more easily, all with subtle use of energy – vibrations, sounds, colors, flowers, light, prayer, faith, and fun.  We can spiritually support each other without religion getting in the way.  Okay, granted, that one still has a long way to go, but it is becoming less fractured than it used to be.

I want to see a movie created about what humans will look like in 50 years from this perspective.  Not the types of flying cars and communication devices we will have – what human beings and animals look like and do. What we are capable of.  And please don’t throw in the U.S. Military wanting to come in and salvage the last known ancient tree forest where we all live for lumber.  Keep politics out of it.  Just focus on the amazing possibilities that are happening every day and take it from there. We are going to be even more amazing – free, loving, healing, spiritual, mindful, and glowing with light and information.  Who knows, maybe we will have sprouted our wings by then!