Why Use Flower Essences?

iris flower essenceFlower essences are a gentle yet profoundly effective way of moving through and past areas in our lives where we need a little nudge to get moving, to take a step forward.  If you are feeling stuck in an old pattern, if you are feeling angry or jealous towards a person or situation, if you are undecided about an important decision, or if you have just experienced a trauma or stressful event, flower essences will help you.

There are many ways to use flower essences, and there are hundreds out there to chose from.  The way in which they are collected and prepared is very important. We are taking one of The Divine’s perfect creations and using it to help us heal.  Since we are taking a few flowers at peak bloom from a healthy plant, we are not causing any damage to the plant/shub/tree, but it is still imperative to ask permission and give thanks.  I won’t go into the details of how they are made here, the reason I talk of this aspect is that in using essences, the more pure and high a vibration, the better they will work.  Some brands are simply not effective.  When they are the right potency and the right flower for you, you will know!

Flower essences take us to the next level.  They gently yet firmly support us in removing a layer of our being that is no longer helping us.  For example, say you recently went through a divorce.  Many layers and levels of sadness, anger, embarrassment, betrayal, loneliness, may be swirling around you and in you.  While talking to your counselor and your friends is beneficial for sure (along with that glass of wine!), when you are ready to remove, for good, those lower vibration, yucky emotions, memories, and more than likely stuck patterns from the relationship, flower essences support the removal of the old and replace with the new.

But HOW do they work you ask? I must be honest and say I am not 100% sure.  How did Dr. Bach and subsequent practitioners figure this all out?  I again am not 100% sure.  What I do know is that I have seen them work, over and over.  I feel them, sense them, hear them telling me how to help you.  And then you choose to accept that help or not.  Flower essences empower you to be a healthier you and I provide the message and means to get them working with, through, and for you.

flower essence flower

I look at it this way.  We are all made up of vibrations, of moving energy.  A table is far more dense than the plant sitting on it, the plant more dense than the clouds in the sky outside the window it is under.  But all these things are essentially just vibrating at a different frequency.  When we remove the heavy, lower vibrations from our body, it creates space for newer, high vibrations to come in.  The flower essences clear out and then hold the space for the new.

Like attracts like.  Flower essences have an energetic footprint, so to speak, that will attract that same frequency to fill in the space it just created.  So if we have just used the essence of the flower of the Beech tree, which helps us with intolerance, the Beech flower is sending a signal for your emotional state of tolerance to come and fill in where intolerance was just residing.  The result is that we have just raised your overall vibration up a notch.  The more we raise it, the less the lower vibrations can exist with the new, and the easier it is to release them.

If you can think of an area in your life that can use this gentle, loving, yet firm nudge to release and move forward, find a qualified practitioner near you and dive in to the wonderful world of flowers!