4 Creative Ways to Use Flower Essences



Flower essences are such a creative and subtle (yet powerful!) way to help find emotional support.  They are like little bottles of love.  Sometimes, with all the other supplements we are taking, it can get daunting and hard to remember what to take when.  Try these ways of using your flower essences to add some fun and creativity to your day.

1- Add an essence to your lotion
Do you have a particular dry patch of skin that you are always applying lotion to?  Figure out what Bach Essence is associated with that spot from this book: Dieter Kramer Body Maps.  Make a small bottle of lotion (water based is best) and apply daily.  Watch how quickly the dry skin clears up!

With this method, use just 1 essence per lotion as you are targeting a specific spot.  I use small bottles of lotion since it is a small area I am applying it to.  Do not re-use the lotion on a different spot unless if correlates to that essence.

2- Add your essences to your water bottle and sip throughout the day
This way you don’t have to remember to take it, it is just with you as you go about your day.  A few drops is all you need, the water acts as a conductor to give you a full dose.  People tell me they have tried this and it does not seem to work.  When I ask if they do it every day for 1-4 weeks, they say no.  Flower essences are gentle and need to be taken over time.  Make a habit of putting those few drops in the water each day.

You can use any combination of essences for this method.  Keep it simple, try just 1-3 essences so you can see how they effect you.

3- Take a bath
Add about 10 drops of the essence(s) you are using to a bath and settle in.  Relax and enjoy your bath, but also ask the essence to help you, to guide you, to heal you; to give you a message of how best to support yourself at this time.  Then just listen.  Trust what you hear, write it down and let it go.  Enjoy the rest of your bath.  Look at it the next day and see what inspirations come.

You can use any combination of essences for this method.  Keep it simple, try just 1-3 essences so you can see how they effect you.

4- The spritz bottle – Auric Spray 
Take spring or distilled water and put it in a clear GLASS spritz bottle.  You can find them at any health food store.  Add a few drops of your essence (or essences.)  When you step out of the shower simply spray all around you.  Your energy bodies around you will soak it in and bring to your body.  Do this every morning or whenever you set a time and stick with it.  You will feel lighter with each spray.

You can use any combination of essences for this method.  Keep it simple, try just 1-3 essences so you can see how they effect you. Do not re-use the bottle unless you are using the same essences, or adding to the current ones.

     The Spritz Bottle: best all-purpose use: Pop it in your purse or car.  This way you can spray directly in your mouth, spritz the air around you, add it to your water bottle, or even your bath or lotion.

Even though flower essences are lovely supportive energies, they are clearing and helping you to release the old and bring in the new.  Start by taking them at a time when you can process what happens and be gentle with yourself.  In other words, don’t take a bath in 5 essences the night before a huge board meeting :).

Only take them at bedtime if you are prepared to possibly have interesting dreams!  We process and release a lot in our sleep.

Flower essences support us fully – they are a pure vibration, a perfect gift from God, so they can only attract and bring about the same vibration.  By providing this perfect message of balance to our body-mind-spirit, we will by our nature want to feel more of that goodness.  Releasing lower vibrations such as negativity, fear, doubt are a necessity.  So be gentle with yourself – follow your intuition and stop taking them for a bit if you find yourself overwhelmed.  The essences wrap you in love, allow that in.

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