What Does it Mean to “Live from the Heart”?

As part of my practice with myself and my clients, I always start with “Centering in the Heart.”  This has become a bit of a catch phrase, or a description seen often in new age or energy work, and even Christian prayer and practices.  It has become a fairly common way to describe a state of mind, a state of being, a form of conscious living, when doing just about anything – yoga, meditation, journaling, praying, dancing, healing, and for me, more active things like decision making.  This is my personal belief, what I have found to be true for me, at least at this time.  Take away what you will from this and maybe it can spark a dialog so we all grow deeper.

First, I tell my clients what it is NOT.  It is not emotional.  Women especially talk about making heart-based decisions, but they are saying “What makes me happy, what I desire, what evokes emotion in me.”  In my opinion, this is actually not what it means.  What it does mean is making a decision that is for your highest good, and making it with a knowing that it is the best option to make.  That honestly does not always make us feel happy or warm and fuzzy, sometimes it even hurts.  But it always feel RIGHT.  It means being in tune with your sacred self in all that you do.

ShiningHeartCenterOUR DIVINE SPARK
This topic can be a book unto itself, but here is a summary.  God/I AM made us.  S/He made us in his image. God is pure light, a light we can only begin to understand and comprehend.  It is an eternal light “forever was and forever shall be”.  God, Spirit, I AM, Divine, etc. can be described as PURE LIGHT, or as Mas Sajady calls it, PURE SOURCE.  Since we are created from this perfection, we have it within ourselves.  We have a place that can never be extinguished, burned out, snuffed out, or even dimmed.  It is a perfect part of us that is given to us and still attached to the I AM.   This is not just a Christian point of view, this holds true for most spiritual beliefs I have heard of.

It is this spark that we need to connect to when truly centering in the heart.  Once we find it we need to listen to and trust it.  Since it is pure divine love, it can never be wrong, can never lead us astray, can never make us do something that is not what is best.  It is perfect.

Where is it and how do we connect with it?  This gets tricky.  Depending on who you talk to, which guru you read, which guided meditation you listen to, which prayer you say, which chakra system you believe in, which scripture you focus on, or which Qi Gong or Thai Chi you do… it can vary.  For me, I am still working on where I think it is in the physical.  I know the sense I get when I connect with it; I know a glimmer of a love so pure and strong that it brings me to tears, I know a glimmer of what it means to be 100% healthy, and a glimmer of what it means to actually love and be loved unconditionally.  When I get this glimmer, I try to memorize the feeling, the knowing.celenitesphere_edited

Physically, it feels a little like tiny bubbles, an effervescence deep in my chest.  It seems to be white, or even colorless, yet holds an iridescence that is pure beauty.  It is warm, like a soft warm mist, yet also as solid as a diamond.

To find its general location: Focus on the front of your torso from about the top of your diaphragm up to the center collar bone.  Now feel the points directly in back of them at your back.  Within that “slice” of your torso, envision the exact middle point.  Go to the middle of your chest, about 3-4 inches down from your sternum (the notch right at the bottom middle of your collar bone), and into the center of your torso, a few inches in front of your spine.  Now, root around in there.  Move your focus a little to the left, the right, up, down, forward, and back. Even if you think you are imagining that you feel with it, trust it.

Now just focus on that point, not trying to do anything, just becoming aware of it.  Practice this, as often as you can.  Try to find it first thing when you wake up, and last thing before you fall asleep.  Focus on it when meditating, praying, doing yoga, going for a walk, etc.  What color is it to you, does it change?  Does the place of it change, the size, the density?  Does it move?  Or is it a constant that you can count on to lead you to it easily over time?

Now What?  Ask a question.  When you feel you are connected, ask a simple question.  Lately I have been using Mas Sajady’s question “How can I connect to Pure Source even more deeply?”  Variations could be “How can I connect to God/Divine/I AM more deeply?”  “How can I connect to my divine self more deeply?”  “How can I connect to my pure self more deeply?”  You get the idea…

Notice.  What do you feel, know, think, hear ,see, smell, sense?  Just notice, don’t try to take it farther, just be with it.  Once you feel you have connected and are complete with this, say THANK YOU and go about your day, simply noticing what happens, how you feel, how your interactions are with people, how you respond to situations, etc.

Keep going, doing this as often as you can.  It will become easier, more natural, a basic part of how you interact with yourself and others.  You will connect easily and it will permeate your entire being.  Eventually you will feel it even outside your physical body (that is a whole other topic).  Then start to ask more direct and specific questions.  When you feel that click, that thump, that effervescence sparkle a little brighter, whatever it becomes for you, you know you have your answer.  “Should I take this job interview?” “Should I continue with this degree?” “Should I start this new project?”  “Is this relationship healthy?”  Even “Should I follow this new diet?” or “Is this the right yoga class for me?”

Please don’t  judge yourself, get frustrated that you can’t connect easily, or give up.  Sometimes I connect right in and other times it seems to have disappeared.  Take a deep breathe and try again.  Or simply say thank you, stop, and try again later.  Try connecting at different times.  If it never works while meditating, try it while taking a bath.  If it seems to only work when doing a certain thing, like praying or going for a walk in nature, continue with that.

If you have a trusted partner, have them place their hands on the front and back of your torso to help you physically feel the general area and ask them to verbally guide you to it.  And of course, ask the angels to help you.  Your guardian angel will be absolutely delighted.  Nothing complicated, just say “Guardian Angel, please help me to physically feel my Divine Spark and trust myself when I do.”

Why is this so important?  For me, this is not just another form of healing or meditation, it is not just another tool to help me better myself.  This is my Divine Spark, my direct connection to God, to I AM.  Not only do I know that I am doing what is best for me, but for others as well.  Decisions we make impact others.  They impact people, situations, places, things.  If we are choosing to find that perfect place within us and allow it to guide us, allow The I AM, The Divine, God, to be our ultimate barometer, we are in fact living from the heart.  What could be more important, natural, or helpful?

This is just the beginning of living from the heart and I hope it is a good first step, or for those already doing this, I said something that will help you deepen your connection.  There are so many books and resources out there.  A word of caution: some ideas around this are very advanced, or very abstract, or very limited in scope.  A good way to practice heart centering?  See if you can use your Divine Spark to help determine which readings are best and which ones you can set aside.  God is your ultimate guide and S/He gave you a tiny piece of perfection within you to always feel connected and know your personal forever was and forever shall be.  Blessings and have fun!