In a World of the despairing “Why?”, instead ask “Why Not?”

question marksI was recently reminded of an important idea to try out and embrace.  A few years ago I attended a Women’s Conference. The Honorable Bishop Curry from North Carolina was the guest and teacher. WOW, what an amazing man he is.  He just became the Bishop Electe for the Episcopal Church, quite an honor and accomplishment!  Bishop Curry spoke of LOVE being the only way, of our current state of thought “why?” needing to change.  As in “why bother”, or “why risk it”, or “why keep trying when no one else is”, and so on.  His message was to turn that around and say “Why not?”  Why not go for it, why not keep trying, why not put yourself out there again, why not take a risk to see what comes of it?

Think of asking “why” as a negative, and “why not” as a positive?  We must ask why to help us determine if something is a good idea, but think of it as needing to talk yourself out of it instead of talking yourself into it.  I wonder how many discoveries were made on the scientific and spiritual levels because people took that step and decided to give it a try?

If we don’t take the risks, the status quo remains.  Nothing changes, nothing moves forward.  We don’t learn and grow, and change, and embrace new ideas.  We don’t help ourselves become better people, and we don’t help others.  So many times we decide not to do something because of the other people involved.  Once we step into a new situation involving other people, our fears, doubts, annoyances, and faults take center stage.  That is, however, when we need to step forward the most.

Change is hard, staying in our comfort zone is easy.  Think back to the times that you stepped out of that comfort zone.  Think of a time that you regretted it, and a time that you were glad you did.  Which did you learn more from?  Which had a longer lasting effect?  Which changed you more?  For the time you did regret it, did you still learn something and grow from it?  Did it help others in some way?apprehensiveturtle_edited

The next time you find yourself saying “why bother”, try saying “why not” and dive in to the experience.