Flower Essences in Your Garden

sweet pea flower essence

sweet pea flower essence

We think of using flower essences on ourselves, family, friends, and even our animals.  We can also use flower essences on plants and trees.  Plants and trees are going to be a close match to begin with, so it makes sense that essences would work really well with them.  Flower essences help us to navigate feelings, new energies, stuck energies, challenges.  Plants and trees feel stress when being planted, moved, pruned, or when new plants come into an established garden.

When you plant flowers or shrubs in your garden this summer and and fall, add a little rescue remedy to the initial water.  Do you have a plant, shrub, or tree that does not seem to be thriving after planting?  Add Tansy or Sweet Pea when watering.  If you live in a place where your potted plants do not get to be in the ground or outside, give them corn when watering them, the same as giving them plant food.  When you buy cut flowers, add 1 drop of Tansy to give them vitality.  Just a few drops in the water will do it, a few more if you are planting a large item like a tree.flower arrangement

Here is a great article from The Flower Essence Society and covers many other aspects of using flower essences with plants and trees.  http://www.flowersociety.org/plants-essences.htm

Happy Gardening!