Fiber Art Angels and Flowers

The Creation of Art Angels – Fiber Arts Taken to a New Level

I create fiber art angels, angels that are an artistic representation of your actual guardian angel.  Here is the story of how they came about and why they are so special.

I taught myself how to knit to honor my Nanny when she passed as a way to honor her- she was a master knitter.  I am a decent knitter but one can only make so many hats and scarves.  My Mom gave me a kit to knot and then felt a purse.  I was hooked!  As I started looking at all the possibilities for felting (way to many hours spent on Etsy…), I saw these darling figures people were making by needle felting.  And then I saw brooches of wet felted flowers, all lovely and talented.  I wanted to do this, I just knew it was my artistic calling.  But what to make that was unique?

I started making angels since they are such an important part of my life.  As I would make them, they would come alive with personality.  They seemed to be talking to me, telling what color hair they wanted, what color wings, dress, etc.  The more I made them, the more it seemed that I really was getting little messages and visions of what to do with each new angel.  At the same time I was taking Doreen Virtue’s course to become an Angel Therapy Practitioner.  It seemed that when I was “in the moment” with my art angels is when I could best hear them.  I realized this is because I really was in the moment.  All my focus has to be on making the angels – I am using a barbed needle and holding the wool as I poke it over and over in my hands.  If I am not paying attention, I literally get hurt.  Trust me, those needles poked into a fingertip are not fun.

This was a big key – being present allows the angels a doorway to get through this muddled, day-dreaming, procrastinating brain of mine.  I started asking the spirit of the angel that I was creating to help me, give me clear guidance on what to do.  Oh my!  They obliged!  I not only received the color of hair, wings, dress, etc., but now I had personalities and visions of what they really look like, or at least how they were presenting themselves to me.

I was still at the stage of creating them and then selling them.  The day came when someone asked me to create an art angel FOR someone.  Ahhh… I see now.  The light bulb went on!  The guardian angel of the person I was making the angel for was the angel talking to me.  She wanted me to make a artistic representation of her!  Taaadaa!  My healing art form was born. 

As I made more for people, they were fascinated by my process and what the angels were saying and doing.  Everyone wanted to know the name of their guardian angel.  I have never felt comfortable with this.  One day a dear friend said “That is because they come to you in color and texture, not in name.  Embrace that.”. I started to get little messages that the guardian angel wanted me to pass along to the person.  At first I thought I could not do this, that this was someone wanting art, not an angel reading.  I thought combining the two would make people shy away and not buy the art.  I was wrong.  It has now become the main part of what I do – creating an angel with a message for people. 

The more I make, the easier it becomes for me to see and learn about these amazing beings who are delighted that I am making little artistic representations of them.  The challenge now is trying to capture their movement, their glow, their iridescence, with fibers.  I may have to expand to new mediums to help create even more accurate artistic representations.  I am gleefully up for the challenge!