Are any of us actually experts on angels?

I do not know the answer.  I did my truly life changing ‘Angel Therapy’ training with Doreen Virtue (well, technically that is, you don’t ever actually meet Doreen when you do entry level training with her for a week), and had an amazing mentor who also trained with her.  This so profoundly enhanced my career, faith, and understanding of angels and myself.  And also left a TON more questions.  At the time Doreen really seemed to be the “expert” on angels, at least in the U.S.  Now there are so many other well-known people who see, talk to, commune with, get messages from, and question markseven claim to be Oracles or have a direct link to the “Spirit who is at the fingertip of God”.  These last ones are some pretty darn big claims.  Who am I to agree or disagree?  I am the most important person in the world…

…for me, that is.  Only I can know what to believe for me.  I can read and listen to, or even have private sessions with all these people listed below, and still not understand it all.  Wait, let me back up.  If I was very wealthy and somehow could move up on the 1 month to 1 year wait list to have a session with these amazing people, I could maybe start to understand it all.  Luckily, if there is one thing they all agree on, is that I have the power to connect directly with angels myself, and don’t actually need them to do it for me.  Phew.

I am not being negative towards anyone.  I am truly grateful for all insights from humans clappingand communications from light beings that I can get!  I re-read this and almost took out the sarcastic parts.  But then I realized that is all part of our struggle together – what makes an “expert”?  Does the fact that they have a waiting list a mile long, can charge an arm and a leg to see people, and walk around with an entourage of helpers make them experts?  These are by-products of them being experts.  If they weren’t, no one would spend the time and money to see them, right?  I certainly don’t think any of them are frauds, and most don’t even seem to be coming from a place of ego.  Does that mean we blindly believe what they say?  Answering for myself, no, it does not.  It means I have great interest and respect for their insights, and decide ultimately for myself.

ID-100169696-BooksI have spent a lot of time and energy trying to get the answers from others.  I have read their books, listened to their podcasts, taken their meditation classes, had in-person readings, etc.  No cruises for me yet…  And I will continue to do this (read, not go on cruises) to learn and discover amazing new insights, ways of healing, meditating, and becoming closer to the angels, my guides, Jesus, and God.

bulb_onMy biggest lesson learned so far in all of this: my perspective on why I am doing this has changed.  I am no longer looking for them to tell me the answers.  I am looking within myself as I learn more, to know what feels right to me.  I am trusting my own judgement, my own intuition, my own religious and spiritual beliefs, my own sense of connection with the angels, to truly learn about angels.  Am I good at that yet?  Not really.

For example, some experts say you can just think an Archangel’s name and they will be at your side instantly.  Others say you actually have to perform a ritual, or at least set clear intent through actions.  I recently read Anthony Williams take on all this, and he is somewhere in-between.  At this current time in my thinking (I reserve the right to change this thinking at any moment) he is pretty close to what makes sense to me.

Then again Anthony claims that he talks to and sees the Spirit ‘Compassion’ who is literally at the fingertip of God.  Wait, isn’t that Jesus?  If anyone has compassion at its fullest and most Divine, it would be Jesus.  Jesus is certainly our most amazing example of a Divine Healer.  He was also a Mystic that we barely know anything about but sounds truly amazing.  Jesus tells us to see him in everything (Christian labeled or not).  Maybe I’ll just keep praying to him… and stop going off on this tangent.

Guardian Angel ArtWhere I do feel confident is in my art.  When I make someone’s artistic representation of their guardian angel (, I trust myself, I trust that guardian angel to lead me, and I know that what I am doing is real.  When they come to me in color, texture, personality, and want to give a message, it feels perfect to me – my intuition knows, I feel exhilarated, I get in the zone.  And the many confirmations from my customers helps too!

I have made progress, and I have a ways to go yet.  I hope my struggles in this post help you to see you are not alone (come on admit it, you struggle too) and realize that truly believing for yourself, and in yourself, and what you learn about angels, makes you the most important person in the world…to you.

There are so many people out there communing with the angels and other light beings that we must just be getting started with our understanding.  After all, when we are humans, we are but blips in time compared to the life of an angel.  Huh, maybe there are no experts after all.  At least not yet…

Yours in Love, Light, and as always Angel Blessings,

To help you on your journey, here is a list of amazing people who work with angels and other light beings: – Anthony Williams – Lorna Byrne – Doreen Virtue – Mas Sajady – Jacky Newcomb – Kyle Gray – Diana Cooper – the late Sylvia Browne – even Edgar Cayce

The list goes on and on, enjoy discovering more for yourself…