Clearing Cushions – pillows that radiate peace

Crisp.  Clean.  Light.  The energy that I feel coming off the clearing cushions is amazing.  They are little pillow

_DSC4006 (2)

several clearing cushions holding crystals in a display case

s radiating peace.  When I started making them, I  wanted a way to display my crystals.  I also struggle with how to energetically clear all my stones; I use them all the time and I have A LOT of them.  In looking for ways to do that, I noticed that people either have display pillows or cases, and separately ways to clear them.  Darling little pillows with sacred geometry, for example.  And they are expensive.

So the Clearing Cushion was born.  It took awhile to get the right combination of ingredients with which to fill them.  Some combinations were too strong, some kind of flat.  I made prototypes with all kinds of combinations, all white and quite frankly pretty ugly.  This was so I could just gauge their energetic properties.  The end result are pillows that can be small and still be mighty (like my Chihuahua Mabel!)

We recently took a road trip out to visit family.  We were in the car for 3 days, staying at 2 different hotels, both ways.  So I decided to bring along a clearing cushion.  I brought it in the car in my carry-along bag.  And then into the hotel rooms.  When staying with family, I put it on the bedside table.  It was marvelous!  It was like having my own little energetic vacuum tidying up before and after me.  I felt like I was walking in my own bubble of clean air.  I placed it on my pillow (I travel with my own) on the hotel bed and left it there to do its job while we went out for dinner.  When I came back it was as if the whole room had been smudged.


Indigo clearing cushion holding a lapis lazuli necklace

I also used it as I originally intended; I placed my gemstone jewelry on it each night for clearing.  It was easy to keep track of my many pieces of jewelry and I knew they were in a safe spot each night.  I have to say I am very proud of these little workhorses.  And now that I make them with all sorts of fun fabrics, they are more delightful than I had hoped for.


Visit my website to view and purchase.


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