“Grounding” – such a catch-all word in the world of alternative healing, new age practices, meditation, yoga, you name it.  But what does it actually mean for you?  What am I grounding? What am I grounding to?  Why do I need to do this?  I have been reminded lately of how important this is.  I have been in situations where grounding is critical, while practicing Reiki, and the other practitioners did not know to ground, protect, and clear after providing a session.  Whether you are a Light Worker or just beginning your meditation practice, grounding is critical to your wellbeing.  Let’s look at a key part of the process that will help you immensely.

We can look at it from the perspective of an Electrician wiring a house:

“The term ‘ground’ refers to a connection to the earth, which acts as a reservoir of charge… provides a conducting path to the earth which is independent of the normal current-carrying path… it is connected to the electrical neutral within the breaker box…in case of an electrical fault (power surges/high voltage flow)… This protects against electric shock.  The ground wire also needs to be tied back to the electrical neutral … It then becomes part of the overall flow, which will produce a high enough fault current to trip the breaker… This is called bonding.”    (Borrowed from hyperphysics.com)

We can translate that this way:

We are the house, our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves are the appliances, and our Divine Spark within our Heart Center is the electrical neutral within breaker box. Our Central Channel is the “normal current-carrying path” where our natural flow of energy, our Chi, keeping us going.  Right through the center of our Central Channel is our grounding wire!  When we ground to the earth, we tap into a reservoir where we can deposit excess energy, i.e. grounding.  If we don’t our circuits connected to our Central Channel can become overloaded.  This includes our chakras, our heart center, our intuition, even our nervous system.  This happens when spikes in energy flow are brought into or placed in our Central Channel. This comes from relationships, situations, stressful events, and just every day life.

THIS IS KEY EVERYONE. The description above goes on to say we also need to bond. GroundingAndBondingImage This is done by bringing the grounding wire back into the electrical neutral, or our Divine Spark. So once we ground down into Mother Earth through the open flow of energy within our Central Channel, we then draw her ever-loving energy back into our Central Channel to ensure our breaker box, or Heart Center, is connected to our Divine Spark and therefore protected against a large electrical shock. We become connected and bonded with Earth’s energy, protecting us.

Here’s another way to think of this.  You have the clothes dryer going (mental chatter), all the lights on in the house (a to do list and responsibility list a mile long), and then someone turns on the hair dryer (you get in an argument with a loved one).  If the circuitry within the house (your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual circuitry) is not properly grounded and bonded (sent between our Divine Spark to and from Mother Earth), the circuit breaker (heart center) trips and all goes dark (emotional upset, physical upset, all the way to illnesses).  You then have to manually open the breaker box and restart things (doctors, energy work, recovery time, etc.).  If tripping the circuit breaker fails, we can end up with an electrical house fire (chronic illness, disease, etc.).

So now what?  Think of this as giving and receiving, Yin and Yang, the Infinity symbol moving your energy.  You ground to let go of excess energy, you bond to ensure you have a clean source coming back in.  If you are already doing this in your grounding exercises, keep it up and ensure your circuits are grounded and bonded.  Pay special attention to the drawing back up of energy from Mother Earth, bringing it back down from Father Sky, asking God to bring blessings upon you when you pray, asking the Angels for loving support sent to you.

If your practice, for example, talks about sending energy like roots down into the earth, perfect.  Now add in that the roots soak up Mother Earth’s energy to restore balance.  After all, that is what root are for.  Some people like to “ground up”, by connecting to the sky, sun, or moon.  Fantastic.  Just remember that you are giving and receiving.  We breathe out carbon dioxide in order to make room for oxygen to come in.  Plants, trees, flowers, use the carbon dioxide we give off to turn into oxygen, all with the help of the sun.  My thought is even the sun needs to bond, even Mother Earth needs to bond – our asking for help and acknowledging then, giving them joy, laughter, and gratitude are what they get in return.  Give and Receive, Yin and Yang, the constant flow of energy back and forth for…infinity