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Unique Ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts

Click here to learn about my specials for Valentine’s Day & view the slideshow for ideas: 

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I can add a flower or heart to any angel, even my pre-made ones.  Order now to ensure time for shipment!  Cards are ready to ship but fiber art pieces may take time.

Clearing Cushions – pillows that radiate peace

Crisp.  Clean.  Light.  The energy that I feel coming off the clearing cushions is amazing.  They are little pillow

_DSC4006 (2)

several clearing cushions holding crystals in a display case

s radiating peace.  When I started making them, I  wanted a way to display my crystals.  I also struggle with how to energetically clear all my stones; I use them all the time and I have A LOT of them.  In looking for ways to do that, I noticed that people either have display pillows or cases, and separately ways to clear them.  Darling little pillows with sacred geometry, for example.  And they are expensive.

So the Clearing Cushion was born.  It took awhile to get the right combination of ingredients with which to fill them.  Some combinations were too strong, some kind of flat.  I made prototypes with all kinds of combinations, all white and quite frankly pretty ugly.  This was so I could just gauge their energetic properties.  The end result are pillows that can be small and still be mighty (like my Chihuahua Mabel!)

We recently took a road trip out to visit family.  We were in the car for 3 days, staying at 2 different hotels, both ways.  So I decided to bring along a clearing cushion.  I brought it in the car in my carry-along bag.  And then into the hotel rooms.  When staying with family, I put it on the bedside table.  It was marvelous!  It was like having my own little energetic vacuum tidying up before and after me.  I felt like I was walking in my own bubble of clean air.  I placed it on my pillow (I travel with my own) on the hotel bed and left it there to do its job while we went out for dinner.  When I came back it was as if the whole room had been smudged.


Indigo clearing cushion holding a lapis lazuli necklace

I also used it as I originally intended; I placed my gemstone jewelry on it each night for clearing.  It was easy to keep track of my many pieces of jewelry and I knew they were in a safe spot each night.  I have to say I am very proud of these little workhorses.  And now that I make them with all sorts of fun fabrics, they are more delightful than I had hoped for.


Visit my website to view and purchase.

CLEARING CUSHIONS – potent little pillows that clear, protect, & display your crystals… plus much more!

_DSC4005 (2)I am so excited to announce my new offering – Sacred Balance Clearing Cushions.  I have been trying to figure out a way to store and display my crystals.   I admit, I have a lot… It is difficult to put out so many stones, but packing them away in a box, drawer, etc. did not work either.  I want to see them, admire them, and use them in my healing practice.

Then there are the times when I gather them up and put them outside on a full moon when I know there is no chance of rain, to clear them.  I have to think “can this one get wet?” “Can I place this one on salt?” “Does this one fade in the sun?”  Not an easy, effective, or really even sane way to go about clearing and charging our beloved stones.

0705161623 (2)So… I created a display case myself to hang on the wall after seeing pre-made ones were too expensive (no offence to the artists who make them!)  I like it, although the space for these is still small.  It still feels like their energies are bumping into each other.  And they still need frequent clearing since I use them when creating my artwork.

When I was in an amazing crystal/stone/gemstone store the other day, many of the larger ones were on these fun velvet pillows.  They held the stone safely in place and look nice.  On a wall next to them were lavender filled eye pillows.  Huh.  Then it hit me!  Combine them, and add stones and plants to them to clear the stones.  Once I started experimenting, I realized that the stones used could clear, but also charge the item being displayed.  

I tried many different combinations of clearing stones, sage, lavender, sacred geometry, 0517161804a (2)etc. My first attempts were good, but not cost effective at all, and I assumed this is why no one has done it yet.  In order to make a profit I would have to charge a lot per pillow.  And again, I have a LOT of stones, so if you are like me, this was too expensive an idea.

Upon further research and experimenting, I realized that quartz is programmable.  And quartz sand is inexpensive.  I also found that Selenite, one of the main stones I knew I had to use, is very soft and can be crushed very easily.  Now if white sage just grew in Central Oregon… I am still not convinced that our sage is not just as good.  I think the Californians might just have us all believing their sage is the best… 0517161810 (2)

Since I already knew how to clear and program stones through smudging, fire clearing, energetic programming, and sacred geometry, I knew doing this for the pillows would work perfectly.  And it does.  A little help from the angels, gratitude, and a sewing machine, and viola!  Here are my new clearing cushions!

The first round come in smal (3×4) medium (4×5) and large (5×5 or more).  Custom ones can be made too.  I have many patterns and solid colors, GO HERE to view them all.

Clear and display your crystals safely and continuously. Sacred Balance Clearing Cushions are individually hand created with a unique blend of stones, plants, sacred geometry, and energetic programming. The result is a cushion that continuously clears stones, spaces, and energies.

Some uses:
– clearing stones, crystals, jewelry
– safely display stones or other items – works great for spheres and lapidary slabs
– may help headaches, energy blocks, clear chakras, etc. (place near head when sleeping, directly on chakra, hold while meditating)
– carry in a bag while traveling and place in hotel room to help clear the space
– carry in your bag or car
– place near electronics

You can clear your gemstone/crystals within your jewelry by simply laying it on the pillow overnight.

For further amplifying and beauty in displaying, order a pillow that is the same color ray as your stone – for example, order a purple pillow for your amethyst or a pink pillow for your rose quartz.

[Cushions are not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition or be used in place of medical care. The suggestions here are opinion only.]

[Cushions contain crushed selenite, which can be sharp, keep out of reach of children and pets. This is not a toy. Selenite dissolves in water, do not wash. Cushions contain white sage leaves.]

Do you know what ENERGY ART is?

In case you missed it, here is my newsletter from February.  I started using MailChimp and may have missed some of you.


My art has gone from INSPIRED ART to ENERGY ART.  
Wondering what energy art is?

Energy art is any type of artistic expression where the primary purpose is to inspire or even bring energetic healing to others.  It can come from colors, sound, movement, sacred geometry, visuals of guardians and guides, actual healing items included within the art, just to name a few.  For me, it is about taking my fiber art creations and giving them life, giving them more of a purpose than just bringing a smile to someone’s face.


Fiber Art Booth for Meaningful Gifts at CRAFT-O!

Join me at CRAFT-O! – the largest and most diverse and exciting art bazaar for the Holiday Season in Bend, OR.  There are 3 site locations to visit over 2 days and a free shuttle going between them.

I have my angels, fairies, and nativities, plus some new items to delight your senses and warm your heart.  Come by to find a meaningful gift for those you love this season.




Winter Needle Felting Class – Winter/Christmas Decorations

Our needle felting class for Autumn decorations was a great success.  People have been waiting for the Christmas/Winter class to make some ornaments.  Sign-up early!  Create a snowman, traditional ornament, Christmas tree, mittens, or even a santa if you already have felting experience.

Needle felting ornaments & decorations

Needle felting ornaments & decorations

needle felting class

Needle Felting Class

needle felted mittens

Needle felted mittens

DIY Cave

Needle Felting Classes by Demarest Designs – at DIYCave in Bend, OR


Needle felted items

Needle felted pumpkins

Needle felted pumpkins

I am so excited to announce that I am teaching felting classes at The DIYCave here in Bend.

My first one will be needle felting Halloween decorations – Sunday the 18th at 1pm.

Create 2-3 handcrafted Halloween decorations with fiber artist, Claire Demarest. This class is great for both beginners and those who have some experience with needle felting.  Claire will teach the basics as well as share her tips and tricks learned from her own experience as an artist.  Decoration choices for beginners include pumpkins, ghosts, and spiders.  If you have some experience create the owl or witch. Fibers used are always from ethically treated, happy animals and colored with non-toxic dyes. All materials included.

During class, you can buy a take-home kit that includes the 3 main needle sizes, a high quality felting pad, and a sample of wool colors to keep your creative juices flowing at home.

needle felting kit

needle felting kit

* Needles are sharp and barbed and used in very close proximity to your fingers, so steady hands and good hand-eye coordination are required.  Children will need the watchful eye of an adult and the youngest recommended age is 10.

Owl_Pumpkins1FeltingClassPlease join my class to learn how to needle felt and create several great take-home projects. Pass this along to anyone you think might like to attend. The class fills up at 12 people. If there is enough interest I can book a second class. Thank you for your support, this is new venture for me and I know it will be a success! Go to their site to register:

The next class will be Fall/Thanksgiving and in December it will be Holiday ornaments.