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Clearing Cushions – pillows that radiate peace

Crisp.  Clean.  Light.  The energy that I feel coming off the clearing cushions is amazing.  They are little pillow

_DSC4006 (2)

several clearing cushions holding crystals in a display case

s radiating peace.  When I started making them, I  wanted a way to display my crystals.  I also struggle with how to energetically clear all my stones; I use them all the time and I have A LOT of them.  In looking for ways to do that, I noticed that people either have display pillows or cases, and separately ways to clear them.  Darling little pillows with sacred geometry, for example.  And they are expensive.

So the Clearing Cushion was born.  It took awhile to get the right combination of ingredients with which to fill them.  Some combinations were too strong, some kind of flat.  I made prototypes with all kinds of combinations, all white and quite frankly pretty ugly.  This was so I could just gauge their energetic properties.  The end result are pillows that can be small and still be mighty (like my Chihuahua Mabel!)

We recently took a road trip out to visit family.  We were in the car for 3 days, staying at 2 different hotels, both ways.  So I decided to bring along a clearing cushion.  I brought it in the car in my carry-along bag.  And then into the hotel rooms.  When staying with family, I put it on the bedside table.  It was marvelous!  It was like having my own little energetic vacuum tidying up before and after me.  I felt like I was walking in my own bubble of clean air.  I placed it on my pillow (I travel with my own) on the hotel bed and left it there to do its job while we went out for dinner.  When I came back it was as if the whole room had been smudged.


Indigo clearing cushion holding a lapis lazuli necklace

I also used it as I originally intended; I placed my gemstone jewelry on it each night for clearing.  It was easy to keep track of my many pieces of jewelry and I knew they were in a safe spot each night.  I have to say I am very proud of these little workhorses.  And now that I make them with all sorts of fun fabrics, they are more delightful than I had hoped for.


Visit my website to view and purchase.

Are any of us actually experts on angels?

I do not know the answer.  I did my truly life changing ‘Angel Therapy’ training with Doreen Virtue (well, technically that is, you don’t ever actually meet Doreen when you do entry level training with her for a week), and had an amazing mentor who also trained with her.  This so profoundly enhanced my career, faith, and understanding of angels and myself.  And also left a TON more questions.  At the time Doreen really seemed to be the “expert” on angels, at least in the U.S.  Now there are so many other well-known people who see, talk to, commune with, get messages from, and question markseven claim to be Oracles or have a direct link to the “Spirit who is at the fingertip of God”.  These last ones are some pretty darn big claims.  Who am I to agree or disagree?  I am the most important person in the world…

…for me, that is.  Only I can know what to believe for me.  I can read and listen to, or even have private sessions with all these people listed below, and still not understand it all.  Wait, let me back up.  If I was very wealthy and somehow could move up on the 1 month to 1 year wait list to have a session with these amazing people, I could maybe start to understand it all.  Luckily, if there is one thing they all agree on, is that I have the power to connect directly with angels myself, and don’t actually need them to do it for me.  Phew.

I am not being negative towards anyone.  I am truly grateful for all insights from humans clappingand communications from light beings that I can get!  I re-read this and almost took out the sarcastic parts.  But then I realized that is all part of our struggle together – what makes an “expert”?  Does the fact that they have a waiting list a mile long, can charge an arm and a leg to see people, and walk around with an entourage of helpers make them experts?  These are by-products of them being experts.  If they weren’t, no one would spend the time and money to see them, right?  I certainly don’t think any of them are frauds, and most don’t even seem to be coming from a place of ego.  Does that mean we blindly believe what they say?  Answering for myself, no, it does not.  It means I have great interest and respect for their insights, and decide ultimately for myself.

ID-100169696-BooksI have spent a lot of time and energy trying to get the answers from others.  I have read their books, listened to their podcasts, taken their meditation classes, had in-person readings, etc.  No cruises for me yet…  And I will continue to do this (read, not go on cruises) to learn and discover amazing new insights, ways of healing, meditating, and becoming closer to the angels, my guides, Jesus, and God.

bulb_onMy biggest lesson learned so far in all of this: my perspective on why I am doing this has changed.  I am no longer looking for them to tell me the answers.  I am looking within myself as I learn more, to know what feels right to me.  I am trusting my own judgement, my own intuition, my own religious and spiritual beliefs, my own sense of connection with the angels, to truly learn about angels.  Am I good at that yet?  Not really.

For example, some experts say you can just think an Archangel’s name and they will be at your side instantly.  Others say you actually have to perform a ritual, or at least set clear intent through actions.  I recently read Anthony Williams take on all this, and he is somewhere in-between.  At this current time in my thinking (I reserve the right to change this thinking at any moment) he is pretty close to what makes sense to me.

Then again Anthony claims that he talks to and sees the Spirit ‘Compassion’ who is literally at the fingertip of God.  Wait, isn’t that Jesus?  If anyone has compassion at its fullest and most Divine, it would be Jesus.  Jesus is certainly our most amazing example of a Divine Healer.  He was also a Mystic that we barely know anything about but sounds truly amazing.  Jesus tells us to see him in everything (Christian labeled or not).  Maybe I’ll just keep praying to him… and stop going off on this tangent.

Guardian Angel ArtWhere I do feel confident is in my art.  When I make someone’s artistic representation of their guardian angel (, I trust myself, I trust that guardian angel to lead me, and I know that what I am doing is real.  When they come to me in color, texture, personality, and want to give a message, it feels perfect to me – my intuition knows, I feel exhilarated, I get in the zone.  And the many confirmations from my customers helps too!

I have made progress, and I have a ways to go yet.  I hope my struggles in this post help you to see you are not alone (come on admit it, you struggle too) and realize that truly believing for yourself, and in yourself, and what you learn about angels, makes you the most important person in the world…to you.

There are so many people out there communing with the angels and other light beings that we must just be getting started with our understanding.  After all, when we are humans, we are but blips in time compared to the life of an angel.  Huh, maybe there are no experts after all.  At least not yet…

Yours in Love, Light, and as always Angel Blessings,

To help you on your journey, here is a list of amazing people who work with angels and other light beings: – Anthony Williams – Lorna Byrne – Doreen Virtue – Mas Sajady – Jacky Newcomb – Kyle Gray – Diana Cooper – the late Sylvia Browne – even Edgar Cayce

The list goes on and on, enjoy discovering more for yourself…


In a World of the despairing “Why?”, instead ask “Why Not?”

question marksI was recently reminded of an important idea to try out and embrace.  A few years ago I attended a Women’s Conference. The Honorable Bishop Curry from North Carolina was the guest and teacher. WOW, what an amazing man he is.  He just became the Bishop Electe for the Episcopal Church, quite an honor and accomplishment!  Bishop Curry spoke of LOVE being the only way, of our current state of thought “why?” needing to change.  As in “why bother”, or “why risk it”, or “why keep trying when no one else is”, and so on.  His message was to turn that around and say “Why not?”  Why not go for it, why not keep trying, why not put yourself out there again, why not take a risk to see what comes of it?

Think of asking “why” as a negative, and “why not” as a positive?  We must ask why to help us determine if something is a good idea, but think of it as needing to talk yourself out of it instead of talking yourself into it.  I wonder how many discoveries were made on the scientific and spiritual levels because people took that step and decided to give it a try?

If we don’t take the risks, the status quo remains.  Nothing changes, nothing moves forward.  We don’t learn and grow, and change, and embrace new ideas.  We don’t help ourselves become better people, and we don’t help others.  So many times we decide not to do something because of the other people involved.  Once we step into a new situation involving other people, our fears, doubts, annoyances, and faults take center stage.  That is, however, when we need to step forward the most.

Change is hard, staying in our comfort zone is easy.  Think back to the times that you stepped out of that comfort zone.  Think of a time that you regretted it, and a time that you were glad you did.  Which did you learn more from?  Which had a longer lasting effect?  Which changed you more?  For the time you did regret it, did you still learn something and grow from it?  Did it help others in some way?apprehensiveturtle_edited

The next time you find yourself saying “why bother”, try saying “why not” and dive in to the experience.

What Does it Mean to “Live from the Heart”?

As part of my practice with myself and my clients, I always start with “Centering in the Heart.”  This has become a bit of a catch phrase, or a description seen often in new age or energy work, and even Christian prayer and practices.  It has become a fairly common way to describe a state of mind, a state of being, a form of conscious living, when doing just about anything – yoga, meditation, journaling, praying, dancing, healing, and for me, more active things like decision making.  This is my personal belief, what I have found to be true for me, at least at this time.  Take away what you will from this and maybe it can spark a dialog so we all grow deeper.

First, I tell my clients what it is NOT.  It is not emotional.  Women especially talk about making heart-based decisions, but they are saying “What makes me happy, what I desire, what evokes emotion in me.”  In my opinion, this is actually not what it means.  What it does mean is making a decision that is for your highest good, and making it with a knowing that it is the best option to make.  That honestly does not always make us feel happy or warm and fuzzy, sometimes it even hurts.  But it always feel RIGHT.  It means being in tune with your sacred self in all that you do.

ShiningHeartCenterOUR DIVINE SPARK
This topic can be a book unto itself, but here is a summary.  God/I AM made us.  S/He made us in his image. God is pure light, a light we can only begin to understand and comprehend.  It is an eternal light “forever was and forever shall be”.  God, Spirit, I AM, Divine, etc. can be described as PURE LIGHT, or as Mas Sajady calls it, PURE SOURCE.  Since we are created from this perfection, we have it within ourselves.  We have a place that can never be extinguished, burned out, snuffed out, or even dimmed.  It is a perfect part of us that is given to us and still attached to the I AM.   This is not just a Christian point of view, this holds true for most spiritual beliefs I have heard of.

It is this spark that we need to connect to when truly centering in the heart.  Once we find it we need to listen to and trust it.  Since it is pure divine love, it can never be wrong, can never lead us astray, can never make us do something that is not what is best.  It is perfect.

Where is it and how do we connect with it?  This gets tricky.  Depending on who you talk to, which guru you read, which guided meditation you listen to, which prayer you say, which chakra system you believe in, which scripture you focus on, or which Qi Gong or Thai Chi you do… it can vary.  For me, I am still working on where I think it is in the physical.  I know the sense I get when I connect with it; I know a glimmer of a love so pure and strong that it brings me to tears, I know a glimmer of what it means to be 100% healthy, and a glimmer of what it means to actually love and be loved unconditionally.  When I get this glimmer, I try to memorize the feeling, the knowing.celenitesphere_edited

Physically, it feels a little like tiny bubbles, an effervescence deep in my chest.  It seems to be white, or even colorless, yet holds an iridescence that is pure beauty.  It is warm, like a soft warm mist, yet also as solid as a diamond.

To find its general location: Focus on the front of your torso from about the top of your diaphragm up to the center collar bone.  Now feel the points directly in back of them at your back.  Within that “slice” of your torso, envision the exact middle point.  Go to the middle of your chest, about 3-4 inches down from your sternum (the notch right at the bottom middle of your collar bone), and into the center of your torso, a few inches in front of your spine.  Now, root around in there.  Move your focus a little to the left, the right, up, down, forward, and back. Even if you think you are imagining that you feel with it, trust it.

Now just focus on that point, not trying to do anything, just becoming aware of it.  Practice this, as often as you can.  Try to find it first thing when you wake up, and last thing before you fall asleep.  Focus on it when meditating, praying, doing yoga, going for a walk, etc.  What color is it to you, does it change?  Does the place of it change, the size, the density?  Does it move?  Or is it a constant that you can count on to lead you to it easily over time?

Now What?  Ask a question.  When you feel you are connected, ask a simple question.  Lately I have been using Mas Sajady’s question “How can I connect to Pure Source even more deeply?”  Variations could be “How can I connect to God/Divine/I AM more deeply?”  “How can I connect to my divine self more deeply?”  “How can I connect to my pure self more deeply?”  You get the idea…

Notice.  What do you feel, know, think, hear ,see, smell, sense?  Just notice, don’t try to take it farther, just be with it.  Once you feel you have connected and are complete with this, say THANK YOU and go about your day, simply noticing what happens, how you feel, how your interactions are with people, how you respond to situations, etc.

Keep going, doing this as often as you can.  It will become easier, more natural, a basic part of how you interact with yourself and others.  You will connect easily and it will permeate your entire being.  Eventually you will feel it even outside your physical body (that is a whole other topic).  Then start to ask more direct and specific questions.  When you feel that click, that thump, that effervescence sparkle a little brighter, whatever it becomes for you, you know you have your answer.  “Should I take this job interview?” “Should I continue with this degree?” “Should I start this new project?”  “Is this relationship healthy?”  Even “Should I follow this new diet?” or “Is this the right yoga class for me?”

Please don’t  judge yourself, get frustrated that you can’t connect easily, or give up.  Sometimes I connect right in and other times it seems to have disappeared.  Take a deep breathe and try again.  Or simply say thank you, stop, and try again later.  Try connecting at different times.  If it never works while meditating, try it while taking a bath.  If it seems to only work when doing a certain thing, like praying or going for a walk in nature, continue with that.

If you have a trusted partner, have them place their hands on the front and back of your torso to help you physically feel the general area and ask them to verbally guide you to it.  And of course, ask the angels to help you.  Your guardian angel will be absolutely delighted.  Nothing complicated, just say “Guardian Angel, please help me to physically feel my Divine Spark and trust myself when I do.”

Why is this so important?  For me, this is not just another form of healing or meditation, it is not just another tool to help me better myself.  This is my Divine Spark, my direct connection to God, to I AM.  Not only do I know that I am doing what is best for me, but for others as well.  Decisions we make impact others.  They impact people, situations, places, things.  If we are choosing to find that perfect place within us and allow it to guide us, allow The I AM, The Divine, God, to be our ultimate barometer, we are in fact living from the heart.  What could be more important, natural, or helpful?

This is just the beginning of living from the heart and I hope it is a good first step, or for those already doing this, I said something that will help you deepen your connection.  There are so many books and resources out there.  A word of caution: some ideas around this are very advanced, or very abstract, or very limited in scope.  A good way to practice heart centering?  See if you can use your Divine Spark to help determine which readings are best and which ones you can set aside.  God is your ultimate guide and S/He gave you a tiny piece of perfection within you to always feel connected and know your personal forever was and forever shall be.  Blessings and have fun!

4 Creative Ways to Use Flower Essences



Flower essences are such a creative and subtle (yet powerful!) way to help find emotional support.  They are like little bottles of love.  Sometimes, with all the other supplements we are taking, it can get daunting and hard to remember what to take when.  Try these ways of using your flower essences to add some fun and creativity to your day.

1- Add an essence to your lotion
Do you have a particular dry patch of skin that you are always applying lotion to?  Figure out what Bach Essence is associated with that spot from this book: Dieter Kramer Body Maps.  Make a small bottle of lotion (water based is best) and apply daily.  Watch how quickly the dry skin clears up!

With this method, use just 1 essence per lotion as you are targeting a specific spot.  I use small bottles of lotion since it is a small area I am applying it to.  Do not re-use the lotion on a different spot unless if correlates to that essence.

2- Add your essences to your water bottle and sip throughout the day
This way you don’t have to remember to take it, it is just with you as you go about your day.  A few drops is all you need, the water acts as a conductor to give you a full dose.  People tell me they have tried this and it does not seem to work.  When I ask if they do it every day for 1-4 weeks, they say no.  Flower essences are gentle and need to be taken over time.  Make a habit of putting those few drops in the water each day.

You can use any combination of essences for this method.  Keep it simple, try just 1-3 essences so you can see how they effect you.

3- Take a bath
Add about 10 drops of the essence(s) you are using to a bath and settle in.  Relax and enjoy your bath, but also ask the essence to help you, to guide you, to heal you; to give you a message of how best to support yourself at this time.  Then just listen.  Trust what you hear, write it down and let it go.  Enjoy the rest of your bath.  Look at it the next day and see what inspirations come.

You can use any combination of essences for this method.  Keep it simple, try just 1-3 essences so you can see how they effect you.

4- The spritz bottle – Auric Spray 
Take spring or distilled water and put it in a clear GLASS spritz bottle.  You can find them at any health food store.  Add a few drops of your essence (or essences.)  When you step out of the shower simply spray all around you.  Your energy bodies around you will soak it in and bring to your body.  Do this every morning or whenever you set a time and stick with it.  You will feel lighter with each spray.

You can use any combination of essences for this method.  Keep it simple, try just 1-3 essences so you can see how they effect you. Do not re-use the bottle unless you are using the same essences, or adding to the current ones.

     The Spritz Bottle: best all-purpose use: Pop it in your purse or car.  This way you can spray directly in your mouth, spritz the air around you, add it to your water bottle, or even your bath or lotion.

Even though flower essences are lovely supportive energies, they are clearing and helping you to release the old and bring in the new.  Start by taking them at a time when you can process what happens and be gentle with yourself.  In other words, don’t take a bath in 5 essences the night before a huge board meeting :).

Only take them at bedtime if you are prepared to possibly have interesting dreams!  We process and release a lot in our sleep.

Flower essences support us fully – they are a pure vibration, a perfect gift from God, so they can only attract and bring about the same vibration.  By providing this perfect message of balance to our body-mind-spirit, we will by our nature want to feel more of that goodness.  Releasing lower vibrations such as negativity, fear, doubt are a necessity.  So be gentle with yourself – follow your intuition and stop taking them for a bit if you find yourself overwhelmed.  The essences wrap you in love, allow that in.

Do you live in the Bend, OR area?  Call me to set up a session to learn more and receive a full Flora Corona treatment.

Why are all movies set in the future so dire???

I was listening to an interview with a very famous futuristic author on NPR (forgive me for not knowing who, please tell me if you know who I am talking about), and he said something that has really got me thinking.  He said that from 1999 and back for many years, we all talked about “In the 21st century, things will…fill in the blank…”  We talked about great things happening, technological advances, medical advances, new life in the universe found, etc.  It was said with a sense of wonder at all things being possible.  Sure there were the extremists from all areas talking about doom and gloom, but most of us had a general positive association with the phrase “In the 21st Century…”  Movies, books, famous speeches – all seemed to have a positive outlook for the future of people and the planet.

Look at movies and books set in the future now.  It does not even have to be “The 22nd Century”, which we rarely hear anyways, just out in the future.  The earth is dying, humans rights have been taken away, God’s beautiful animals become evil, aliens are invading; and they are no happy little E.T., they want domination over us at all costs, or we kill them.  Lots of plots where we are pre-determined at a young age to join a “faction” or “skill set” or “caste” and the child, teen, or adult has no say or ability to change it.  You never see anything about religion, Christian or otherwise, playing a large role either.  What futuristic movie or book has the Vatican or Pope as a main character or a part of the story line?  At least the “good guys” still tend to win, although I am not sure what the prize is…

I have noticed this more and more and it is really bothering me.  I went to see American Sniper the other day.  Amazing movie. Very well written, acted, I think accurate, and we really felt as though we were seeing things through his eyes. The disturbing, heart wrenching, sobbing scenes had a purpose, a message, a sense of deep respect for all involved.  What was most disturbing was the previews.  Every single movie they showed was incredibly violent. Violent without plot, without story, and showed complete disrespect for human life.  One was literally just about old men killing off each other’s family members for revenge of whatever first killing occurred.  Complete stupidity. I am so disappointed in those actors.

There seems to be a huge chasm of people who see the future as a positive, wondrous, evolving place and those that don’t. Do we really, as a society, see our future this way?  Do we believe that the system of electing and holding our leaders accountable is going to fall apart and “We The People” will be dictated to with no freedoms?

I don’t want this post to be about the future of politics or have a doomsday focus, I want to focus on this:  The people that I am talking to and working with every day have a complete opposite paradigm that we believe in and are working hard to nurture and grow.  We are an evolving species – physically, cognitively, spiritually, and energetically.  Evolving in a good way – a fantastic, wondrous, loving, exciting evolution.  Science and Spirit are finally coming together, working together, seeing connections and possibilities.  The children that are being born now are so intuitive, so open and connected to nature, God, the angels, and the needs of humans.  We are seeing animals in a new way – as more than just a rung lower on the evolutionary ladder – different from us yes, but not less than us.

I work in the field of “Alternative Healing”.  I am not overly fond of that term.  “Energy Healing” is more accurate but seems to have a stigma with it.  The scientific world is starting to take notice, however, and accept the reality that we are all energy, and energy effects energy.  Studies are being done, great progress made on understanding how it all works to heal humans, animals, even plants and the earth itself.  And all that aside, if you work, dabble, or even just believe in Energy Healing, you can feel it.  You can feel the shift that is happening – we sense more, we see more, we know more, we can effect change more easily, all with subtle use of energy – vibrations, sounds, colors, flowers, light, prayer, faith, and fun.  We can spiritually support each other without religion getting in the way.  Okay, granted, that one still has a long way to go, but it is becoming less fractured than it used to be.

I want to see a movie created about what humans will look like in 50 years from this perspective.  Not the types of flying cars and communication devices we will have – what human beings and animals look like and do. What we are capable of.  And please don’t throw in the U.S. Military wanting to come in and salvage the last known ancient tree forest where we all live for lumber.  Keep politics out of it.  Just focus on the amazing possibilities that are happening every day and take it from there. We are going to be even more amazing – free, loving, healing, spiritual, mindful, and glowing with light and information.  Who knows, maybe we will have sprouted our wings by then!

Michaelmas – Sunday Sept 29th

Celebrate St. Michael the Archangel Feast Day – Sunday Sept 29th

Archangel Michael is simply a fabulous Archangel.  His name means “He Who is Like God” and he is one of God’s main helpers.  He is the Patron Saint of Police Officers and all who serve and protect.  On this Sunday, the 29th, celebrate with me and give thanks for Michael and all he does!

Here is a great book about stories of AA Michael helping here on earth: .

Call on Archangel Michael whenever you need protection or want a boost of courage.  Simply call his name and ask for help then believe he is there and helping.

From Wiki:
, the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel (also the Feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael, the Feast of the Archangels, or the Feast of Saint Michael and All Angels) is a day in the Western Christian calendar which occurs on 29 September. Because it falls near the equinox, it is associated in the northern hemisphere with the beginning of autumn and the shortening of days.

The Archangel Michael is the greatest of all the Archangels and is honoured for defeating Lucifer in the war in heaven.[2] He is one of the principal angelic warriors, seen as a protector against the dark of night, and the administrator of cosmic intelligence. Michaelmas has also delineated time and seasons for secular purposes as well, particularly in the United Kingdom and Ireland as one of the quarter days.