Energy Healing

As a certified Flora Corona™, Angel Therapy Practitioner™, and Reconnective Healing Practitioner™, Sacred Balance LLC centers around helping people and animals increase balance and wellness in their lives. Lasting healing occurs when our hearts, souls, and minds are given clear messages through healthy, high vibrations.  This ignites our own healing response, ability and transition towards feeling better.  All modalities are centered around living and healing from the heart.  Energy healing increases physical and healinghandwithfolemotional health, helps your body rediscover its innate healing ability, and opens your soul to more subtle yet profound growth and intuition.  On a physical and emotional level, being more open and balanced helps people live healthier lives.  On a spiritual level, it helps us discover and embody our sacred self and life’s sacred journey.

All sessions start with centering in the heart.  This is a key principle forheart-150x150 allowing personal healing. When we are heart-centered we learn to intuit, to guide, to energetically know what is best for our healing path.  We connect more closely with The Divine, and therefore a perfect state of being.  We learn to love our body, mind, soul, and spirit for what we have been shown, give thanks, and then move to a better state of wellness.

Claire’s Council, the Archangels, Jesus as Master Healer, and the guides and guardians (such as guardian angels and spirit animals) make a powerful team that over-light all sessions.  The more Claire can allow the channeling and being a  vessel, the more advanced the healing.  The Council work through Claire’s body to administer codes and recalibrations, energy work that you can literally feel working throughout the body.  messages are of love, hope, and specific to your needs.  Claire’s extensive experience with hands-on energy work such as Reiki, Reconnective Healing, and Flora Corona round out the sessions.

Flower, gem, and color essences (Flora Corona and FES) are all a very high vibration that give both universal and specific messages in a language our body understands.  _dsc4774-2Reconnective Healing is a very complete or over-arching vibration. Sound (such as music and tuning forks), color, visualizations, and other energy forms are also very high vibrations, similar to Flora Corona.  The Angels and Archangels vibrate at one of the highest levels, closer to God than us.  When we allow these vibrations to connect with unhealthy areas within your body and spirit, we will resonate with that level because it is a state of wellness.  We want to be healthy and have been, so our bodies and spirit know what it is. By surrounding ourselves with this beautiful and magical combination, we are providing guidance through these healthy vibrations to get there again.

Energy Healing is based on the concept that since humans, animals, and even plants are energy, we can positively effect the health of that energy through strengthening and balancing it. When our energy is in balance, we are vibrant, creative and strong. When we are out of balance, we feel sluggish, distracted, and even get sick. In other words, when we are vibrating at a higher frequency, we are attracting those similar frequencies to us, and we maintain a positive state of wellness.  Balancing our Chi/Ki allows our body to heal itself, accelerate other types of healing being offered (both eastern and western), and provide a sense of peace and well-being that also promotes increased health.

clairegivingReikiAnimals are especially open to this, and benefit quickly and for the long term.  Animals live more in the moment, and their genetics provides a closer understanding of innate healing.  Animals become disconnected from this ability just as humans do, but have an easier time finding that balance again.

Energy Healing can be used as a stand-alone modality to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual health, or in conjunction with eastern and western medicine.  As we go through daily activities, we attract and take on all sorts of energies, and our body can use some help to clear out and rebalance areas that are not functioning fully and clearly.  Think of it as cleaning house – removing dust, cobwebs, and ground in dirt from the house so the windows shine, the floors sparkle, the air feels and smells fresh and clean.  Once cleared, your body and spirit will have increased energy to be happier, healthier, and fend off illness that was looking to settle in those dingy corners.

All these methods of healing revolve around being heart centered to allow healing through vibrational resonance.  The journey of wellness is done from within yourself – my healing sessions provide increased health, plus guidance and tools to help you on that path to long-term wellness.

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