About Angels

What Are Angels?

The word Angel is derived from the Greek word “angelos” which means “messenger of God”. Arch is derived from the Greek “archi” which means “first or principal or chief” and so Archangels are CHIEF MESSENGERS OF GOD.

Have you been touched by angels?  The chances are yes, even if you are not aware of it.  We all have at least two guardian angels, and many angels and Archangels that help us throughout our lives.  We have constant access to these angels and Archangels.  Each angel has a name, personality, and specialty for helping us.  Our guardian angels have been with us since birth, and never leave our side.  They are infinitley patient and kind, so no matter what we do, they love us unconditionally.  We are constanty recieving messages from them, in subtle ways, and sometimes out and “in our face” if we are in danger.  Those “coincidences” that you marvel at?  That is your angels at work.  Running into an old friend that happened to have something we need, taking a different route to work and finding out later there was an accident where we would have been.  It can be smaller things like seeing a set of numbers over and over, hearing a particular song, seeing a theme on TV and in ads, noticing a particular bird seems to be wherever you are, etc.  Take note and follow your gut, this is your divine guidance!

Archangel Michael – means “He Who Is Like God”.  Michael is our protector, he is the patron saint of police officers.  Call on him any time you feel afriad or would like a little extra courage or protection.  Michael is often depicted with a sword (of light), his primary gift to us bestowed on him by God is to help bring about fairness in the world.

Archangel Raphael – means “He Who Heals”  or ‘Whom God Heals”.  Arch Angel Raphael is in charge of physical healing of people and animals, helping those who are healers, and providing overall comfort to us.  Ask Raphael for help when you are ill, when your loved ones are ill, and certainly ask him for guidance if you are a healer yourself!  He loves to surround us with green healing light, another true gift from God.

Archangel Gabriel – means “God is My Strength”. Archangel Gabriel is the angel of conception (and adoption) and helps us with our creativity.  Gabriel is named directly in the Bible as the angel who tells of Jesus’s birth.  Think of conception, vitality, birth, creativity in the literal and figurative sense, and there you have Gabriel.

Archangel Jophiel – means “Beauty of God”.  Jophiel helps us beutify all aspects of our lives, from our hearts to our thoughts, to our decorations in our home.  She works with artists to help them with their creativity.  She works tirelessly to beutify the planet by getting rid of pollution of all kinds.

Archangel Raguel – means “Friend of God”.  Raguel helps us to understand and heal misunderstandings and arguments.  He helps to bring harmony to all types of situations and relationships.

Archangel Metatron – means “Angel of the Presence”.  Call on Metatron for help with children.  He guides us to help know what is best for children’s spiritual health.  He also works with those of us who are highly sensitive and want to wor in the healing arts.

Here are some wonderful links about angels  enjoy getting to know them!

Doreen Virtue – a world wide speaker, teacher, trainer, she is a true angel expert.

Stacie Codino – my personal angel therapy practitioner, she also does shamanic healing.

Music by Corciolli – his album called Angels Protection, is such beautiful music, clearly inspired by the angels!

Sharae –  an artist who creates wonderful paintings of your personal angels.

Angel History – Wikipedia is a good source for detailed information

Archangel History – Wikipedia is a good source for detailed information

History of Angels – A documentary about the history of angels from The History Channel.

I have so many wonderful experiences that are subtle yet wonderous, and they have never led me astray. I ask them for help and guidance in all that I do.   Angels love to leave us presents and reminders that they are with us.  Feathers, bright birds, pennies, numbers, songs, and images are all ways they communicate with us.  For example, when I am having a rough time, or want a sign, they send me doves.  Not just in a tree far away, but right at the time and locatoin that I need them.

Angels are seen in many religions and belief systems on our planet.  Some of the most common are: Protestant Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism, Mormanism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Islam, and Judaism.  They are not always called angels, but are always referred to as spiritual entities that do the will of God.  I am not an expert or know the many details of these religions.  This is to help you see that Angels are sent from God.  Sent to help us on our life journeys, as helpers and supporters to know and follow our spiritual path.

I also create art angels – artistic representations of your guardian angels.  Click here to learn more.