Individual Vibrational Resonance Healing (VRH) Sessions for Animals provides the same benfits to animals as it does to humans – relaxation, increased healing, help with anxiety, etc. Animals absolutely love it and they receive the healing quickly since they don’t have any human “issues” blocking it. VRH helps the animal to heal itself or aids in other healing modalities. It is used in conjunction with your Vet’s care for medical ailments, and can be used with training for emotional/behavioral challenges.

I will work wherever the animal is, and can be directly with or just close to him/her.  This includes in your home, in a stall at the barn, in a kennel at a Vets office or Boarding facility, etc.  Some animals like me to place my hands directly on them, while others just want me close by.  Some will start out far away from me and then move closer to me as they realize what it is and that it will relax and help to heal them.  Often times the healing is on an emotional level and not just the physical level.

SniffWHEN TO USE: Any time or place an animal needs assistance. It is common to go to where the animal is, since they are more comfortable that way. Places include: daycare/boarding facility, horse events and shows, Veterinary offices, a home with a new addition to the family (animal or human), a new litter of puppies, etc.


clairegivingReikiReconnective Healing is the primary type of healing I do with animals.

Animals respond to Reconnective Healing in various ways, from becoming very still, to stretching, yawning, and bursts of energy.  As with humans, sessions can show immediate results or may be gradual and subtle.  One thing is for sure, they will receive the form of healing that is needed for them at that time.

I have been working with animals in a healing setting for over 9 years, and has always had a deep love for, fascination of, and complete respect for animals.  Part of what makes a good practitioner is the ability to make a connection with the animal and I take my time to ensure the most positive and receptive atmosphere that I can.

The actual session lasts about 30 minutes, but can go longer depending on the animal’s needs.  The time to create that positive atmosphere can be instant or take awhile for the animal to feel at peace enough to begin.  So planning for 1 hour is recommended, and letting the animals relax and have “free time” after is critical.

I am humbled and honored every time I work with an animal.  They teach me something every time and I am always in awe of their beauty.  Thank you for trusting me with your beloved animal.HorseAndDogLogosmall

Two Stories: I treated a cat who is recovering from surgery. She started out across the deck from me, and by the time I was done, she was curled up in my lap. She slowly came over to me, and started rolling around, then settled in next to me on the lounge chair, and eventually just climbed right on me. When I went to put my hands directly on her, she looked at me and spat at me, but did not move. She was telling me that the physical touch was too much. So I kept my hands about 3 inches from her and she purred for another 15 minutes. When she was done, she simply hopped off my lap and went inside. The whole session lasted about 30 minutes, and she was receiving healing from the start, not just when she came to my lap. Her humans reported to me that she ate all her wet food and then went outside and played, something she had not done in weeks.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAAnother story- A mare who has been in rehabilitation for months, on and off for a few years.  She was tired of Vets, Chiropractors, and Farriers poking and prodding her, and even tired of me massaging her.  Her hind end was very sore.  I placed my hands on her hips and just stayed still and let her take in as much healing energy as she needed.  She calmed, her eyes got soft, her neck and backline relaxed, and by the end of the session, her nose was almost touching the ground.  I did not direct the energy or even try to move, I just stood and let her figure it out.


ANIMAL SESSIONS are a combination of Intuitive Reiki and Reconnective Healing. 

  • Call or email me to set-up an appointment.  Based on type of animal I will come to your house or barn.
  • Single Session (on site) – $40 per 30 minutesclairegivingReiki
  • $10 on-site fee may apply if traveling more than 15 miles
  • Varying time needed, fee at the end of the session.