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I am a certified Flora Corona (flower essence acu-point therapy) Practitioner.  The course was a year long study in using Flora Corona color, floral, and gem elixirs in-conjunction with acu-points and other fantastic methods to create balance and self-healing.  I completed my second year course in 2014 and am now continuing with Deborah and many of my cohorts with research on how Flora Corona is coming into its true potential.  I am continually delighted and even surprised at how well these treatments work – from the physical level to the spiritual.  The journey I have been on for myself, as well as my clients has been transforming.

??????????????????????The primary concept of Flora Corona is our bodies – physical, emotional, and spiritual, know what health is, and want to return to that state.  Through allowing ourselves to connect to a healthy vibration or resonance, we can find our way home to health.  The Flora Corona elixirs and protocols allow us to find that state and works towards it – with great success.  Each essence has a specific health frequency – for example – the flower Impatiens, as you might expect, helps those of us that are impatient and want things immediately.  Most of us are impatient in our cars driving home from work. But when this become imbalanced, it can cause us to be in a state of constant impatience, which has negative effects over the long term.  Being able to take a deep breath and feel a sense if peace is a much healthier state to reside within.

Each of the essences, which consist of flower, gem, and color, have been vibrationally matched to an acu-point or core emotional, physical, and spiritual characteristic.  By applying and taking these essences, we give that specific message to the body in a clear and concise manner, allowing for our innate ability to resonate to that level of wellness and heal.

Each Flora Corona Protocol has a flower, gem, and color.  For example, the Blue Protocol, also called the Breathing Protocol, is a treatment for oxygenating the body. Blue refreshes by letting in air when you’ve been pushing yourself with overwork.  Aquamarine, Blue Lotus, and the color of true Blue, used on acu-points and taken internally,  help your body to focus on and return to state where breathing is easier.  Do you need Blue?  Next time you are frustrated and feeling overwhelmed, stop to see if you are holding your breath :).

Founded by Deborah Craydon, they are a small company that focuses in education via online flower essence and gem elixir certification courses, and production of vibrational gems and flowers with an emphasis on their application to the skin.  Founded by Deborah Craydon, FES Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, Flora Corona, was originally an educational non-profit organization for the Goethean study of plants, which has developed into a small company that focuses on education via certification trainings, and production of vibrational gems, flowers, and color with an emphasis on their application to the skin.

A pioneer of new topical skin applications, Deborah’s co-authored book Floral Acupuncture – Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites is the first to show the specific acupuncture points for each of Dr. Edward Bach’s original 38 flower essences. (To order this book from Amazon click here.)

Working in conjunction with licensed acupuncturist Warren Bellows, Deborah has found that both flower essences and gem elixirs activate specific acupuncture meridians. Each of the single Flora Corona Hawaiian Flower Essences and Gem Elixirs have specific meridian source point applications.

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