Science of Healing

Research & Institutes:

Energy Medicine Research Institute: – Energy Medicine Research Institute specializes in assisting companies in the integrative health and natural product arenas to obtain clinical trials to support marketing claims.

The Qigong Institute: – promote the scientific understanding of the basis of Qigong

National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine: – –

Flower Essences:

Flower Essence Society (FES) articles and research

Scientists Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies” article article

More Bach Research website

Reconnective Healing: – The science behind The Reconnection

Reiki in Hospitals:

I currently volunteer at St. Charles Cancer Center in Bend, OR.  We have an amazing team of Reiki practitioners (massage and acupuncture too!) who provide sessions to cancer patients in the Integrative Therapies Clinic right in the hospital.  Learn more here.

I have worked with the Northwest Reiki Association in conjunction with the Northwest Cancer Specialists to provide Reiki to patients receiving chemotherapy.  The program is one of many across the country.  They are hugely successful and more and more research is developing from then every day.

I have also worked for Inner Balance, a treatment and wellness facility for drug and alcohol recovery.  They combine many types of modalities to address the emotional, physical, and chemical aspects of alcoholism and drug dependencies.  The clients I worked with truly appreciated and found help with the Reiki I provided weekly as part of their overall wellness plan.

Comprehensive website to studies and articles on reiki in hospitals

The Reiki Center: Another detailed website on clinical research with reiki

Northwest Reiki Association

Inner Balance Health Center

Dr. Oz Recommends Reiki

Article on reiki in hospitals

PDF download of current list of hospitals and clinics using reiki-

Water Based Evidence:

Masaru Emoto website