Energy Art

_DSC2482 (2)Whether it is your guardian angel, spirit animal, or magical being, each artistic representation is created to help you connect more deeply and spiritually with your sacred guide or guardian, and to bring energetic healing into your sacred space.

Every fiber art soft sculpture is made with reverence to and fascination for the connection to each item’s spiritual footprint – the vibrational resonance of the spirit being artistically represented. These pieces are made by a process called needle felting and wet felting.  Needle felting is created with raw wool (washed and carded wool but not spun into yarn), or similar materials such as alpaca, goat, and other animal fibers. This is then formed into shapes and details by using barbed needles that essentially tangle the fibers with each other until the desired shape and density is reached.  Additional fibers that don’t technically felt but can be added to the pieces for shine and texture are plant materials like bamboo, soy, tencel, rose, hemp, and even kelp._DSC3497 (2)

Art pieces have a Herkimer ‘diamond’ placed in his/her heart center.  This is a small clear stone (about the size of a tic tac) that has points on both ends.  It is technically a crystal and it has a very high vibration.  It does not need clearing of energies and even amplifies stones it is paired with.  It is the perfect gemstone to help radiate out the loving intentions of the angel, animal, or magical being connected to the piece.




“My goal is to create something that will make a meaningful & powerful first connection, and then continue the spiritual growth between the person and the energy/vibration artistically represented in the piece.  For example, receiving a sea turtle will create initial interest in the totem’s meaning, and that message will continue to deepen and guide the person for years.”

“Art is an amazing way for us (humans) to help the ethereal, who naturally reside in a very high vibration, become more tangible.  It is a bridge for those lovely beings to reach out and communicate with us – a gift from the Divine that we are graced with connecting to, expanding, and respecting.  Whether it is colors, metals, woods, fibers, paints, photography, dance, music, and so on, it is what drives an artist – bringing that deeper connection we feel to others.”

~In Gratitude, Claire


0806161405a-2“Perfect cushion to sit small crystal skulls on, and I love how it radiates such positive vibrations! Very quick shipping too, thank you so much…Another amazing cushion that I’m super happy with! My crystal skull is very much enjoying it as well :) These cushions are wonderful and I always receive them so quickly, thank you! I’m positive I will be back for more in the future.” – Sarah

_dsc3572-2“Oh my goodness what a beautiful work of art! I ordered the buffalo in white. It arrived on a day when I truly needed it. The box is wrapped really well and with love. The owner is very talented and pleasantly intuitive to work with! :)” – LACE