Distance Healing Sessions

Sessions Types:

– Healing and Guidance channeled from your guides and guardians.

– Reconnective Healing™ session.

– Flora Corona flower, gem, and color essence consultation.  (See below for details.)

  • Single 60 minute Healing Session
    – $80
  • Three, 60 minute Healing Sessions
    – $220

Energy healing is best absorbed over time, so a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended.

Your first session will be longer than 60 minutes, please plan for 90 minutes.

This session is similar to my in-person sessions.  You can purchase it here and then I will contact you to set-up a date and time.  Allow at least 60 minutes and be sure you are in a quiet place without interruptions.  It is best if you have time to rest/be still after.

We will call each other (or Skype) and you will lay comfortably on a yoga mat, bed, etc.  I work at my treatment table as if you were on it.  I will talk you through what I am doing at times, other times it will be quite.  There will be a recording of the session if channeled work is involved and a copy given to you.  If it is a Flora Corona session, take-home bottles will be created during the session and sent to you priority mail (see below).  All sessions include notes and a recap.

Order here and I will call/email you to set-up a date and time.  Due to my schedule split between working on my Energy Art and my Energy Healing, it is best to schedule via contact vs. a calendar.


Or call me to set-up an appointment and we will figure out payment– 503.493.1652


This will normally be a bottle filled with the essences used during the session for your continued use at home.  Each is unique to your personal session and will last from a week to a month.  I include this in my fee as a way to offer you longer term healing, these bottles are often up to $30 by themselves.

– All sessions have take home notes and guidance.We will talk on the phone or via Skype and create 1-2 General Flower Essence and/or Flora Corona Multiple Essence Bottles that will be sent to you Priority Mail.  We will look at your most needed current challenges and create bottles together that combine the most relevant essences.  I will send them to you with a How-To and Directions sheet.  Most essences are taken from 2-4 weeks, then we reconvene to see what the next step is.

Flora Corona flower essence, gem essence, and color essence bottles

Flora Corona flower essence, gem essence, and color essence bottles

The fee is a straight fee that includes the bottles and shipping, whether it is 1 or 2 bottles, and the 15 minute check-in.

$80 Includes:
– Both of us: main session of determining bottles (30-45 minutes)
– Claire: creation, dedication, and “potentizing” your bottle(s)
– Claire: priority shipping
– Both of us: 15 minute follow-up session to evaluate progress


I intuitively look at the bottles, and based on what we discuss and what I see, we create a bottle with 1-6 essences within it.  The essences come from the “mother bottles” and are placed into your treatment bottle.  The bottle is then set with the vibration for supporting your healing, and “potentized” with a sacred geometry grid._dsc4774-2


Based on our decision, I will include an overall how to take and use your essence bottle, the amount of time and number of drops you will take, and a description of each essence within your bottle.

This session includes one 15 minute follow-up to see if you feel the bottle is working and if the time frame is still the same (normally 2-4 weeks).

At that time we either set-up another session to move to the next step, which consists of new elixirs, or adjust how you are taking the current one.  If the bottle does not seem to be doing anything, we re-access at a new session, fees vary.