In-Person Sessions

Sessions Types:

– Healing and Guidance channeled from your guides and guardians.
– Reconnective Healing™ session.
– Flora Corona flower, gem, and color essence session.
(Take home essence bottle included in fee.)

  • SSingle 60 minute Healing Session
    – $80
  • Three, 60 minute Healing Sessions
    – $220

– Reiki session.

  • Single 60 minute Reiki Healing Session
    – $50
  • Three, 60 minute Reiki Healing Sessions
    – $135
    ***I offer discounted Reiki to clients continuing on from the Cancer Center Reiki Program.  Discount is 40% for the first 3 visits.

Energy healing is best absorbed over time, so a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended.room1

Your first session will be longer than 60 minutes, please plan for 90 minutes.

For Channeled Healings and Reconnective Healing, in the notes tell me which type of session you prefer, or we will determine that when you come in.

Some people are not comfortable with channeled healings.  A Reconnetive Healing Session or a Reiki Session are great options for you. All are very effective and a wonderful experience.

Order here and I will call/email you to set-up a date and time.  Due to my schedule split between working on my Energy Art and my Energy Healing, it is best to schedule via contact vs. a calendar.


Or call me to set-up an appointment to be able to pay at time of meeting – 503.493.1652