Group Talks & Classes


Current Class: Saturday, April 29th, 1-4PM at Blissful Heart in The Yoga Barn
$60 (***retail value of energy work and take-home items is $110)
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This active and learning based class/session is a truly unique way to learn about energetic tools to bring balance and growth into your life.  You will learn and experience ways to release lower vibrations; lower energetic strongholds.  By doing so, you make space for higher, cleaner frequencies to create new energetic strongholds that support personal growth.

What This Class Consists of:
Through an active process of defining and releasing that which no longer serves you, these tools will teach you how to let go of old patterns (thoughts, actions, etheric cords, etc.) and not only invite, but feel and allow in new patterns.

  •   Group Fire Clearing:  a natural, organic process of ion cleansing that dynamically clears your aura and the air around you
  •   Flora Corona Essences: flower, gem, and color-light essences are used throughout the class
  •   Heart-Centered Meditations: Learning or expanding your understanding of living from the heart,
    by focusing on actively feeling your heart fire and sacred light, asking for and accepting guidance.
  •   Energetic Stronghold Reprogramming:
    • Programming Selenite and dissolving it to release the energetic stronghold you wish to let go of
    • Programming Selenite to then gift you a new, higher, clearer stronghold to support growth
  •   Group Energetic Recalibration: an advanced form of channeled healing by Claire and her Guides

Each Participant Receives:

  • Flora Corona Flower Essence: advanced healing flower, gem and color essences selected specifically for their similar properties to Selenite and Flame.
  • Clearing Cushion: 3×3 crystal display and energy clearing cushions (see photo below) are individually hand created with a unique blend of stones, plants, sacred geometry, and then programed to energetically clear your stones, aura, and space
  • Your New Selenite Piece: energetically dedicated during the programming ceremony
  • Printed Meditations: of all used during the class


  • Create a list of your top three energetic strongholds that you are ready to release, and new positive ones you want to form.
  • Bring a small stone(s) for energetic programming, there will be a dedication alter.
  • ***NOTE: For a brief time (about 10 minutes), we will use fire in a safe, contained manner. If you have a fear of fire, use your judgement, but you can stand away from it and we can substitute with a sage smudging.

Learn to Spread Your Wings…

…with Flora Corona flower, gem, and color essence healing, heart centering, and messages from your healing angels.


This special class is offered 3 ways:
     ~6 Individual Sessions
~1 Day Experiential Class
~3 Small Group Sessions

I empower self-healing through a unique blending of flower essences (gem and colors as well), embracing your Divine Spark, and guidance from Angels. Centering in our sacred heart space creates a perfect barometer for decisions about health, family, career, relationships, spirituality, and personal growth. Essences provide the vibrations, angels provide the guidance, and I help empower your change.  By holding a sacred space for groups to be themselves, learn, heal, and grow, a unique experience is sure to grace every group and every session.

 Remove the old to allow in the new
   ~ Old emotions, memories, patterns, energetic footprints – anything that keeps us stuck in the past – is a low vibration and needs to go… permanently.      We then have room for –>

~ New ideas, confidence, understanding, intuition, and self-love.  This allows us to acknowledge and welcome higher vibrations – creating heart based plans and actions to move forward.

Contact me to learn more and book your individual sessions or schedule a group class or session.  Group classes are perfect for support groups, healing groups, church groups, inspirational parties, and any group that wants to learn to live and heal from the heart.  Do you have a wellness clinic?  Ask me about talking at your next function or hosting a session for your current client base.